Workforce Housing

Workforce Housing is aligned with our social mission to provide housing for all and contribute to the communities we are a part of.

Our national workforce housing program was born from our desire to provide communities with an affordable and well-crafted place to call home. To make it a reality, we partnered with various companies that shared our calling and have to date developed workforce housing communities across the United States, expanding from the West to the East coast, allowing us to become well-versed in different laws, lands, and climate environments. HLR’s unique approach to workforce housing allows for effective and efficient project developments without sacrificing aesthetics, functionality, or reliability. Want to learn more about our approach to workforce housing? Contact us at

The pandemic underscored the strength and vitality of workforce housing, which all too often has been seen as a solid but unexceptional corner of the multifamily market. During the past year, suburban workforce housing assets outperformed Class A urban properties, with rents and occupancy maintaining pre-pandemic levels. -